Welcome aboard the funeral revolution!


Coffin Club is a safe space to talk about death and plan your perfect send-off. It’s a place to come and learn about all the options available to you for your end-of-life celebration so that you are not simply channelled into having 20 minutes up the crem because you don’t know there are any other choices available to you. It is also somewhere to address funeral poverty by clearly examining the costs behind the funeral industry.


Coffin Club is open to everyone and anyone. Those who attend may include elderly people or those living with a terminal diagnosis, families or carers and others who simply don’t want to leave their last hurrah to chance.


Coffin Club began in Hastings, E Sussex, but there now clubs springing up all around the UK. To find a club near you click here.

Objective and Mission

Our objective is to empower people to take control of their final send off. To educate and inform everyone about all the options and choices that are available to them. By providing safe spaces for free discussion about something that can be a taboo subject we aim to demystify funerals, enable people to think creatively and ask questions and change the face of end-of-life celebrations in the UK.


Each Coffin Club may be run slightly different, reflecting the needs of the local community but Coffin Club Hastings runs as a six-week course, weekly for three hours. It consists of an hour of invited speakers and, if you want to, you can also decorate your own fabulous flat-packed coffin!

Getting Started

To find a coffin club near you click here.
If you’re interested in coming on board and want to run a club in your area click here.

Want to come on board?

If you’re interested in setting up and running your own local Coffin Club we will provide you with the blueprint and all you need to know to bring the funeral revolution to your community. Find out how to join a Master Class.