Our Story

We are Kate Tym (Blonde Kate) and Kate Dyer (Red-head Kate) the founders of Coffin Club UK.
We are funeral celebrants www.kateandkatecelebrants/funerals who found ourselves frustrated with the standard of funerals currently on offer in the UK.
We knew there were so many wonderful choices available to reflect each unique individual but realised that this was not something that most people were aware of. We realised that, at a point of bereavement, people were very unlikely to ask difficult questions or have the head-space to be able to think creatively so it was easy for them to find themselves being channelled into having a funeral that followed the cookie-cutter format that we’re all so familiar with.

In our roles as funeral celebrants we have conducted so many wonderful funerals from a meaningful, yet conventional, crematorium service to a beautiful woodland dell with a willow coffin and an Abba sing-a-long, with everything in between.

But what we’ve found most empowering, is when people take ownership of their, or the person they love’s, final farewell.

Giving Something Back

Coffin Club is an evangelical movement. The clubs around the country are run on a not-for-profit basis either as Charities or Community Interest Companies. The founding club, Hastings Coffin Club, is self-funded by Kate and Kate.