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Dear Kate and Kate

Sarah and I (A’s sisters) just wanted to say thank you so much for helping K,
P and A plan and organise A’s funeral. You all gave them the confidence and trust to arrange an amazing send off for him. A fitting tribute and a lasting memory.

I am so glad that A found you through Coffin Club (Hastings) and that he had
the courage to go along.

Thanks again

Mandy and Sarah

The Coffin Club is fabulous – so valuable. as a result of attending I now plan to make my own shroud and have a woodland burial – and not be cremated, as I’d originally planned!

Sue McManus, Hastings Coffin Clubber

Coffin Club gave me so much food for thought as to what exactly I wanted my funeral to be like. it doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. I’m now intending to go much more ‘off piste’! I’ve wanted to talk about it for a long time but my boys kept saying ‘it’s a long way off yet’. But, in actual fact, every day is closer to death. I can now plan my funeral and then tell my boys what I’ve planned. thank you so much for all your hard work.

Ann, Hastings Coffin Clubber

Coffin Club is amazing – much more than I had ever guessed. It’s almost hard to take it in as there is so much NEW info. And – so much fun! Thank you so much.

Hazel, Hastings Coffin Clubber

Coffin Club has been so welcoming, good fun and informative. I’ve enjoyed coming and it has eased some anxiety around planning and paying for my funeral. I would recommend Coffin Club to anyone and I might pop in at a future date just for a cuppa and chat!

George, Hastings Coffin Clubber

I found the whole experience of Coffin Club most enjoyable. I was well arranged and organized – the hosts were welcoming and enthusiastic. The speakers were very helpful and informative. Decorating my coffin was great fun and I shall be adding to it as time goes by for a long time in the future!

Hastings Coffin Clubber

For the past few months, I had been considering the notion of being in the last phase of my life (born 1936). I had been reading books on the subject. So, I was really pleased to hear about the Coffin Club. The course certainly helped to demystify the whole process and made it possible to discuss the subject with a smile on people’s faces!

Helene, Hastings Coffin Clubber

Coffin Club made me much more comfortable talking about death. It led to really useful conversations with my family – including my grandchildren – we all laughed – it was great!

Moira, Hastings Coffin Clubber

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