Coffin Club – Celebrant-plus Training

Become the authentic, independent, creative celebrant you were born to be. By supporting families to know all their choices and have the funeral that’s absolutely right for them.
Do you feel being a funeral celebrant isn’t quite what you signed up for? Do you want to give more choice to families but you’re not sure where to start? Do you want to be more creative and break free of only ever doing half-an-hour up the crem? Do you want to be part of changing the face of funerals forever?

If so, you’re in the right place. In this two-day course we’ll show you how to broaden your practise to support families in a much more creative and comprehensive way. You’ll have all the tools necessary to work in a more autonomous way, be the go-to death expert in your community and start marketing directly to your public.

Our Celebrant-plus Training is a fit for you if:

√ You are a committed funeral celebrant and know you can/want to do more to support families to have the funerals they deserve

√You are happy working with funeral directors but would like to work WITH them rather than FOR them

√You’d like to take the leap to work more independently, but it’s scary to go-it alone and you’d like to be part of a like-minded supportive community.

√You’d like to offer more choices to the families you work with, have a broader range to the support you offer and be able to set your fees accordingly.

How does our Coffin Club Celebrant-plus Training work?

Book your seat for our Coffin Club Celebrant-plus Training and we’ll send you emails with details about how to join.
Join us for live online training. Lots of interaction, discussion and small-group work.
Receive a comprehensive handbook of all the work we’ve covered together.
Become part of The Celebrant-plus Community with a membership of our closed Facebook Group and exclusive follow-up Q&A webinars.

What do you get?

Two full days of intensive online training with Kate and Kate, founders of Coffin Club UK

A comprehensive workbook covering all the course content

Membership of a closed Facebook community for ongoing peer-to-peer support

Twice-yearly Q&A webinars – exclusive to Celebrant-plus alumni

Join us for our live online training

After this training you will:

√Understand the different options available for conventional and alternative funerals

√Know how to separate the celebration of life from the cremation/burial

√Understand the laws/practicalities around the place of death/care of the body

√Understand the different working practises of FDs and that we work WITH them not FOR them

√Understand how to facilitate a family meeting with a broader remit of support

√Understand to how to enable a family by direct support and signposting

√Understand how to market yourself directly to your public and address money mindset

√Understand the journey of a funeral and what different elements of content can add

√Know how to stage-manage a ceremony in any setting

√Understand the value of families taking ownership

Who are we?

We’re Kate T and Kate D, the award-winning founders of Coffin Club UK and owners of our own successful celebrant business – Kate and Kate Celebrants. We are experts in all thing death-related and absolutely passionate about bringing choice to the forefront of funerals.
But… we didn’t start out as experts – far from it! We’ve been on a roller coaster of a journey and gone down several blind allies before finally settling on a way of working that actually does work! We started out trying to fit into the ‘funeral-director-as-gatekeeper’ model but it made us feel like we weren’t best serving some families, or ourselves and, ultimately, made us feel pretty frustrated.
Since we’ve started working in a way that reflects our values we’ve gone from strength to strength and the impact it has on the families we support is all the proof we need that this way of working is where we should be.
Through this training we will show you how to work in a way that is authentic and creative and reflects your true values whilst offering as much support as you are able to the families you serve.
Stop waiting for that phone to ring… join our Coffin Club community and start changing the face of funerals forever!


Why should I come on this course… can’t I just figure it out on my own?
Yes, you can try and work it out yourself, for free, just like we did. But trust us, it’s the long, hard way, and, in the long run, will cost you more in missed opportunities, angsting over what funeral directors think of you and not being able to charge what you know your worth.
This course is our way of offering you a shortcut – teaching you exactly what you need to know to start working as an authentic, creative and independent celebrant. Reflecting your values and setting your own fee within a supportive community of like-minded celebrants.
When does the class take place?

The class runs on March 15th and 16th 2022

What happens if I can’t make this class?

No problem! This class will run on numerous occasions throughout the year – so don’t worry about missing out – just go to ‘book now’ and choose the course dates that suit you.

I’ve only just started as a celebrant?

Perfect! Rather than spending years feeling slightly dissatisfied with your way of working start out as you mean to go on, working in a way that authentically reflects your values and offers the maximum support to the families you work with.

I’m worried doing this course will put funeral directors off me?

As celebrants it’s extremely rare that either of us ever work without the involvement of a funeral director. The difference is that families often come directly to us, in parallel with the FD or with no FD and we recommend one to them. Being afraid of funeral directors not liking you because you’re offering families choice perhaps represents exactly what we’re trying to change! Stop worrying about the phone not ringing and make it ring in a way that works for you. And remember – it’s a two-way street – we now often recommend funeral directors to families, rather than the FD recommending us.

I can’t afford the course right now

No problem. If financing the course is a problem just get in touch and we’re happy to discuss breaking down your investment into an easy-to-manage payment plan

Start being the celebrant you were born to be and help families to have exactly the funeral that’s right for them!

We all want the same thing for the families we work with – choice. The choice to have the funeral that is absolutely right for them, whatever that may be. And, through doing this course you’ll be able to confidently support those you work with to have just that.

By the time you’ve finished this training you’ll be confident in taking your celebrant practise to the next level – marketing directly to your public and empowering families to take ownership of their final send-off.

Coffin Club are proud to donate 1 percent of every sale to Epilepsy Research UK via Work for Good