Master Class

How to set-up and run a Coffin Club


The date of the next master class is 26th April 2019.


HVA, Jackson Hall, Portland Place, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 1QN


£150 p/p

Kate Tym and Kate Dyer ( are the founders of the UK's first Coffin Club and they are now providing a 'how to' Masterclass to enable others to follow in their footsteps and set-up Coffin Clubs all around the UK.

Coffin Club's aim is to educate people in the choices and costs around their end of life celebration. To enable to plan, cost and execute their perfect send-off and, if they wish, decorate their coffin along the way.

Is this for you?

Running a Coffin Club is a significant investment of your time and energy. Coffin Club is a charity and runs on a 'not for profit basis'. You may be working with people who are terminally ill or elderly. It’s hard work! But, the rewards are plentiful and if you feel passionate about promoting choice in end of life celebrations, this is the perfect platform. And through this master class you will learn everything you need to know about setting up and running a Coffin Club in your area - come and join the funeral revolution!

For more information on course content and for booking please contact Kate and Kate here.

An inspirational day - lots of information to take away and process. I feel really encouraged and have a clearer idea how to start on this project

K and K are tremendously enthusiastic and generous in sharing their experience. Really useful and very inspiring