Is there a Coffin Club in my area?
To find out if there’s a Coffin Club in your area go to the Coffin Clubs page.
How do I set up a Coffin Club in my area?
Coffin Club UK runs regular live Webinar Master Classes. Come on a Master Class and be given the tools to set-up a Coffin Club in your area. To find the next Master Class, go to our Events Page, where you can book your course today.
When’s the next Hastings Coffin Club?
To find out when the next Hastings Coffin Club course is running go to our Hastings Page where you’ll find all the information you need about when, where and how the course runs.
Can I come to Coffin Club if I don’t want to decorate a coffin
Yes, Coffin Club is an educational platform, first and foremost, so you’re welcome to come along, listen to the speakers and plan your perfect send-off, without being obliged to decorate a coffin too. Contact your local club for further information.
How much does it cost to come to Coffin Club?
Each club sets their own price for attendance based on what their costs are. However, no one should be excluded from attending Coffin Club because they are on a low income, so usually there is some form of bursary available for those who cannot afford to pay. Get in touch with your local club for their fees.
Can I buy a coffin and not come to Coffin Club?
Yes, we sell coffins online
What are the dimensions of the coffin?
L1m95cm W55cm H40cm
Is there a weight limit for the coffins?
Yes they take up to 120kg / 18st 12lb
What are the dimensions of the box it’s in for storage?
H1m20cm W65cm D16cm