Kate Dyer

Meet Kate D

Kate Tym and Kate Dyer met when they worked together as Marriage Registrars before leaving, together, to become independent celebrants – conducting weddings, baby namings and funerals. They quickly became disillusioned with the type of conveyor-belt funeral being offered, and accepted, in most of the UK and the costs attached. They decided to do something about it…. And Coffin Club was born!

Kate Dyer is a former professional dancer and magician’s assistant, and still gets the fishnets out once in a while. When she does get a word in edgeways, usually as Kate T takes a breath, she is passionate, positive and personable. She has a husband, three teenagers and a smelly dog.

Want to come on board?

If you’re interested in setting up and running your own local Coffin Club we will provide you with the blueprint and all you need to know to bring the funeral revolution to your community. Find out how to join a Master Class.