Funeral Celebrant Training

Funeral Celebrant Training

Are you thinking of changing career? Are you someone interested in supporting others to have a meaningful final fling? Would you like to offer support, choice and creativity to people who are dying or bereaved? Then this is the course for you. Your first step towards building a successful funeral-celebrant business and setting out on a rewarding new career journey.

We are the foremost trainers in the funeral world – twice winners of the Best Funeral Information Provider at the Good Funeral Awards, winner of Celebrant of the Year and winner of Death Advocates at the Advantages of Age Awards. We really live and breathe funerals!


  • Understand what a funeral is and who it is for

  • Understand the role of a celebrant

  • Understand the role of the funeral director (FD)

  • Understand the journey of a funeral script and why it works

  • Understand how a family meeting runs and why this is important·

  • Recognise how the nature or circumstances of a death may affect your approach

  • Learn about more challenging funerals (suicide, baby, child, young person, double, troubled, alcoholic/addict, disliked, traumatic death) and how to facilitate these

  • Understand the five ‘Ps’ of public speaking

  • Get to grips with the choreography of a service

  • Consider potential problems that may arise and how to resolve them

Followed by the full six-module Celebrant-plus course:

Participants will:

  • Understand the different options available for conventional and alternative funerals

  • Understand the laws/practicalities around the place of death/care of the body

  • Understand the different working practises of funeral directors and that we work with FDs not FOR them

  • Understand all the additional service providers needed in creating a funeral

  • Understand how to market themselves directly to the public and address Money Mindset.

  • Be made aware of different types of ceremonies available to their clients

  • Understand what different elements of content can bring to a funeral service

  • Know how to stage-manage a ceremony – whether at the crematorium, graveside or other venue

  • Understand the value of families taking ownership

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