Coffin Club Hastings – In association with St Michael’s Hospice

Don’t leave it ‘til you’re dead – plan ahead!

Find out all the choices available to you for your end-of-life celebration and plan the send-off that is perfect for you.
Do you want to have your funeral sorted out so that you can get on with living your life? Do you want to take the pressure off the people you love so that they know exactly the kind of send-off you’d like, after you’ve gone? Are you aware of all the choices available to you for funerals? Are you worried about costs? Would you like to feel empowered to take control of your final fling? Do you want to be part of changing the face of funerals forever?

If so, you’re in the right place. In this three-week course we’ll give you all the information you need to plan and cost your perfect send off. You’ll have all the tools necessary to work your way through your funeral wish-list and to plan the sort of funeral that is just right for you.
Coffin Club Hastings is incredibly proud to be joining forces with our local hospice care provider – St Michael’s Hospice.
‘As a hospice we are committed to ensuring everyone can make informed choices about what they would like for their funeral. We are pleased to be working with The Coffin Club in raising awareness of the options regarding this important life transition’. Dr Karen Clarke, CEO St Michael’s Hospice.

Coffin Club Hastings is perfect for you if:

√ You want to plan and cost your funeral but aren’t sure where to start

√You want to leave things organised in order to take the pressure off those left behind

√You’d love to enabled to plan something amazing for your end-of-life celebration

√You’d love to know all the choices available to you

√You’d like to be able to talk about death and dying in a ‘normal’ way

√You’d like to be part of a growing community of like-minded people and start helping to change the face of funerals forever!

‘Kate and Kate have been so welcoming, good fun and informative. I have enjoyed coming to Coffin Club and it has eased some anxiety about planning and paying for my funeral. I’ve been able to talk to my family about my plans and knowing that, although they will be bereaved, everything will be in order, is a great comfort to me. I would recommend Coffin Club one hundred per cent!’

George Roberts, 2018

How does the Coffin Club Hasting Course work?

Book your seat for our Coffin Club Hastings and we’ll send you emails with all the information you need to join the course.
Join us on Thursday 17th March, Wednesday 23rd March and Wednesday 30th March. 9.30am-12.30pm

Receive a comprehensive folder with all the course information in it including a funeral wish-list for you to work your way through.

Become part of The Coffin Club Community!

What do you get?

1. Three mornings (9.30am-12.30pm) intensive training with Kate and Kate, founders of Coffin Club UK and one/two guest speakers every week

2. A comprehensive workbook covering all the course content

3. A funeral wish-list which you work through to plan your perfect send-off

*Speakers include:

√Kate and Kate – founders of Coffin Club UK. Why they founded Coffin Club and what their roles as funeral celebrants entail

√The London School of Anatomy – what’s involved in donating your body to medical science

√St Michael’s Hospice – Palliative care and beyond

√Local Funeral Directors – what does a Funeral Director do and how do they support families at this difficult time

√Claire Power – talking about how she organised and carried out her husband’s funeral, without engaging the services of a funeral director

√End-of-life doulas – support for those living with a terminal diagnosis and support for families who may wish to keep their dead at home between the time of death and the time of the funeral

√Additional, free optional tour of Hastings Crematorium and Cemetery

*The speakers may be subject to change but will always cover the whole range of topics that Coffin Club values

Sheila explains why you should come to Coffin Club.

Who are we?

We’re Kate T and Kate D, the award-winning founders of Coffin Club UK and owners of our own successful celebrant business – Kate and Kate Celebrants. We are experts in all thing death-related and absolutely passionate about bringing choice to the forefront of funerals.
Our journey began as funeral celebrants who, very quickly felt frustrated by the lack of choices being offered to people around their end-of-life celebration.

We knew there were so many different ways to celebrate the end of someone’s life but, somehow, these were being completely overlooked in favour of channelling people towards the same old same old…
We realised that not many people were asking for anything different, as not many people knew that was even an option so, we decided to change all that and make people aware of all the choices available to them… and so, Coffin Club Hastings was born!
We’ve been on a roller coaster of a journey since then finding out what works and… what doesn’t! We’ve now run four-year’s worth of Coffin Clubs in our local community and have grown our family of affiliated clubs up and down the country. We are incredibly proud to now be joining forces with our fabulous local hospice care provider – St Michael’s Hospice.

Coffin Club is not about a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do things, it’s about explaining all the choices available and letting our clubbers find the send-off that is right for them. Since we’ve started working in a way that truly reflects our values we’ve gone from strength to strength and the impact it has on the families we support is all the proof we need that this way of working is where we should be.
Through this training we will show you all the choices available to you for your end-of-life celebration and empower you to have the funeral that is right for you.

Join our Coffin Club community and start changing the face of funerals forever!

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Why should I come on this course… can’t I just figure it out on my own?
Yes, you can try and work it out yourself, for free. But trust us, while this information is out there it’s not always easy to unpick and the world of funerals can be somewhat mysterious. Coffin Club will save you a lot of hard work by having condensed everything you need to know into one comprehensive course. And, rather than you seeking out information, we bring the experts to you!
How much does the course cost?

The course is £99.

When does the class take place?
Thursday 17th March
Wednesday 23rd March
Wednesday 30th March
9.30am – 12.30pm
Where does it take place?

Coffin Club Hasting is proud to run in conjunction with St Michael’s Hospice and is based at the Arthur Easton Centre which is located at the Hospice,

25 Upper Maze Hill,

St Leonards on Sea,

TN38 0LG

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What happens if I can’t make this class?
No problem! The class will run again on 6th, 13th and 20th October.
Can I come on someone else’s behalf? Can I bring support with me?
Yes, if you want to come to sort out the perfect send-off for someone else – with their permission – that’s absolutely fine. If you need someone to come with you – carer, offspring, friend – no problem, just let us know.
I can’t afford the course right now

No problem. If financing the course is a problem just get in touch and we’re happy to discuss breaking down your investment into an easy-to-manage payment plan or, in cases of financial hardship, waiving the course fee altogether.

I thought this course was all about decorating coffins – is that something we’ll be doing?
Yes, coffin decorating is something we offer as a separate workshop (if there’s enough interest). But, we think it’s important for you to do the course first as you may decide a coffin isn’t even for you (you can have a shroud, for example) or that you want to donate your body to medical science, or that you want a different type of coffin to the ones we offer. At the end of the course we’ll see if there’s enough interest to run a coffin-decorating workshop and, if there is, feel free to join us.

Get your funeral sorted out and get back to living!

We really want the same thing for all the clubbers we work with – choice. The choice to have the funeral that is absolutely right for you, whatever that may be. And, through doing this course you’ll be able to confidently have just that.
By the time you’ve finished this training you’ll be confident in taking your first steps towards planning your perfect send-off and becoming part of the funeral revolution!

Coffin Club are proud to donate 1 percent of every sale to Epilepsy Research UK via Work for Good