Plan Your Own Funeral

Plan Your Own Funeral

Do you want to have your funeral ‘done and dusted’ before you die, but don’t want to be tied into an expensive, inflexible plan?

With this Course you’ll be given all the information you need to plan your perfect send-off. Our extensive videos featuring all the leading lights from the world of death will guide you through your funeral wish list, so that you can lay your plans to rest and get on with living!

  • Everything you could want to know about end-of-life and funerals but were too scared to ask!

  • A fully-downloadable course for you to work through at your own pace – 4 video modules, an accompanying handbook and funeral wishlist

  • A funeral wish list to work your way through, covering every aspect of planning the perfect send-off

  • Expert advice from funeral directors, end-of-life-doulas, celebrants, hospice carers etc

  • An introduction to the world of alternative funerals and how to separate the cremation/burial from your end-of-life celebration

  • Real-life examples of alternative funerals and behind-the-scenes at the crematorium

  • The peace of mind of knowing you have everything in place without being channelled into the same old same old

  • A great way to normalise conversations about death and engage your reluctant family members!

  • Don’t leave it till you’re dead to plan ahead

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