Meet Kate Tym and Kate Dyer, the dynamic duo behind Kate and Kate Celebrants and Coffin Club UK, who are making waves in the world of funerals and celebrations. These remarkable women have not only founded the UK’s premier funeral education platform, Coffin Club UK, but they’ve also secured the top award for Best Funeral Information Provider at the Good Funeral Awards, not once but two years in a row!

“We honestly weren’t expecting to win again this year, having won last year,” says Kate D. “But we were absolutely thrilled when we did.”

Not only that, but included in their trophy cabinet are the award for Celebrant of the Year, which they won in 2019, and an award for Influencing the Wider Profession of Funeral Celebrants, which they won in 2018.

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A Mission to Empower

Kate T says, “We’ve put our hearts and souls into Coffin Club. It’s our absolute mission to let everyone know all the choices available to them for their perfect send-off.” From grand shindigs in hotels or village halls to more traditional farewells at the local crematorium, Coffin Club is on a mission to enlighten individuals about the myriad possibilities for their final farewell. Funeral planning is something we’re obsessed with!’

Coffin Club: A Wealth of Resources

Coffin Club is not just a name; it’s an online resource treasure trove. They offer a fully-downloadable ‘Plan Your Own Funeral’ course that’s available for purchase. Moreover, they host physical clubs across the country where you can discover all the options available to you by listening to a variety of expert speakers from the world of funerals.

Training the Next Generation

In addition to their groundbreaking work with Coffin Club, Kate and Kate have expanded their influence by training other funeral celebrants. They understand that celebrants can play a pivotal role in making a funeral ceremony truly meaningful and representative of the person who has passed away. “That is the most important thing to us,” emphasizes Kate D.

A Legacy of Learning

“We’ve now also branched out into celebrant training as we know that celebrants can be key to making a funeral ceremony something truly meaningful to those that are organizing it,” says Kate D. “We’ve tried really hard not to rest on our laurels. We still think there’s so much we can learn and so much we can pass on to the clients we work with to make, what can be the most difficult day of their lives, just a little bit less awful,” adds Kate T.

A Labour of Love

Their dedication to making a difficult time a little more bearable has not gone unnoticed. “We’re so thrilled that people thought enough of us to nominate us, and that the judges, once again, could see the value of what we’ve set out to do. It really is a labour of love, so recognition of the work we put into it means the world to us.”

If you’re curious to learn more about Coffin Club, visit their website at And if you’re looking to talk to Kate or Kate about a funeral or wedding ceremony, head over to

Kate and Kate Celebrants, through Coffin Club, are not just changing the way we think about funerals; they’re bringing compassion, choice, and education to a whole new level. 👏🌟 #FuneralEducation #Celebrants #CoffinClubUK #InspirationalLeaders